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Governance & Permissions

The following groups are involved in YHHN Governance:

Haematology Network Audit Committee

Set up to discuss clinical practice and monitor adherence to treatment guidelines, this committee is represented by haematology staff from all Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) in hospitals in the YHHN area, as well as researchers and patients. Existing YHHN studies (audit and research) are discussed and future work is planned.

Patient Partnership Committee

Established in 2009, this Committee oversees the Patient Partnership and includes representation from patients, relatives, haematology staff and researchers. This group has oversight of YHHN’s aims, processes and research projects, to ensure these address issues that are important to patients.

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) 

Joint meetings are attended by haematology nurse specialists from all hospitals in the YHHN area and YHHN researchers. Clinical practice is discussed, as well as YHHN core activities.

Data controllers

YHHN has joint data controllers: Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of York.

YHHN has the following permissions:

Health Research Authority (HRA) approval

This is required for all studies involving human participants and their data. It combines independent assessment of governance, legal compliance, and ethical review; and it applies where the NHS has a duty of care to patients and service users. YHHN has HRA Approval and Ethical Approval (Leeds West REC: 04/Q1205/69) for the study, across the 14 hospitals in the area.

Section 251 Support

This is required to access and process patient identifiable information without consent under the Health Service Regulations, 2002. It is provided by the Confidentiality Advisory Group, which reviews applications and advises the Health Research Authority about approval and conditions. YHHN has Section 251 support (NHS Act 2006: 20/CAG/0149), which provides the legal basis for all YHHN data collection and linkages.